Our Path to an All-Electric Future

our path to an all electric future

GM is on its way to an all-electric future, with a commitment to 30 new global electric vehicles by 2025. We are aggressively going after every aspect of what it takes to put everyone in an EV because we need millions of EVs on the road to make a meaningful impact toward building a zero-emissions future. GM is positioned to design, engineer, and produce EVs for every style and price point, and we are rapidly building a competitive advantage in batteries, software, vehicle integration, manufacturing and customer experience.

bolt ev

Our Ultium Batteries and Platform:

Ultium represents a milestone achievement in electrification, with battery pack costs nearly 40 percent lower than those in the Chevrolet Bolt EV. GM projects that second generation Ultium packs will cost nearly 60 percent less than the batteries used today. Its versatile platform provides the building blocks for everything from mass market to high performance vehicles – all from a single, common cell in most markets and set of interchangeable propulsion components. Ultium battery cells will be manufactured in Lordstown, Ohio as part of our joint venture with LG Energy Solution.

Put gas stations in your rear view

Ready to go electric or just explore the idea? Consider the 2024 Blazer EV, a fun to drive all-electric vehicle that takes you anywhere you want to go, 100% gas-free. As the Motortrend 2024 SUV of the year, you can bet on receiving a high-quality vehicle that you'll truly love.

Also available is the brand-new Equinox EV, bringing you the whole package of EV performance, SUV capability, and modern technology. With up to 513km of estimated range on a full charge (In FWD mode), you can count on this car for your everyday needs.



Because charging a Chevrolet EV is as easy as plugging in a cell phone, you can start a charge session in seconds. And Target Charge Level mode allows you to set a charging range based on how much you need, so you’re always in control. Plus, Location-Based Charging can help you save money by letting you program your Blazer or Equinox EV to charge at home during off-peak electricity hours.

Check with your local electricity utility provider about off-peak electricity rates that may be available, as well as potential incentives or rebates they may provide for installation of home charging units.

Charging Unit

Recommended available 240-volt/32-amp charging unit

Offers up to an estimated 40 km of range per hour of charge time and is the fastest way to charge at home (professional installation required).

DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging

Offers up to an estimated 145 km of range in around 30 minutes of charge time and is available for public use.


Range: You have all the juice

The Blazer RS EV offers up to an estimated 515 km of range on a full charge, and the Equinox EV offers up to an estimated 513 km of range. You can go a day – or possibly even a few days – without needing to charge. That means you’ll have all the range you need for your daily routine plus a few stops along the way.



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